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Posted On December 18, 2009

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Two days ago I donated $2500 USD to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to help children have a Merry Christmas this year.  A most worthy cause, even though they didn’t understand what SL is  or what a Footwear Expo had to do with their charity! xD

The fair this year was another success, and there are SO many people to thank for that.  It could never have happened without their help and cooperation and I hope that you had as much fun as I did.

My sincere thanks go to the following:

Rosie Shark – My co-organizer for this year’s Fair.  I love you Rosie, you are such a rockstar!  Can’t wait to do it again next year.

Phobos Jamberoo – The amazing person who donated the two Sims we used for the fair.  Visit his company site, Virtual World i.

Delora Starbrook – The owner of Haven Designs who built us another fantastic build this year.  Thank you so much!  P.S.  Whatcha doing next year?

Matthew Anthony, Bax Coen and Echo Siego – Scriptmakers we could not have lived without!

Bethany Heart – A lovely person I’m privileged to call my friend.  She stepped in like a pro when she was sorely needed.  Thank you, Bethy!

Anessa Stine, Uma Ceawlin and Alicia Chenaux – The awesome official bloggers of the event.  Visit their blogs and be amazed!

Amika Jewell – A Japanese translator, we could not have done this without you!

Killian Klein – Moral support, and the idea man.  Thank you. ❤

Aradia Dielli – The fashion show maven who is always a style icon for me.  Love you, Ara.

The following people were our very generous advertisement sponsors:

Felicity Blumenthal of Second Style Magazine

Sasy Scarborough of What’s New SL

Luna Jubilee of

Carissa Crimson of Fashion Feed of SL

I’d also love to thank the raffle and Flickr contest sponsors:

Phoenix Rising
KessKreations &
Slash Me Poses
Molto Bene!
This is Fawn
The Loft
-RC- Cluster
*HD* Haven Designs
G Field
Sable Rose
Tiny Bird
24 Shoo Shoes
Striking Poses
Shoe Fly
Heart & Sole
aDORKable Poses
Miau Haus
Reel Expression
Olive Juice
caLLie cLine
Felicity Overlord
Serenity Mercier
Long Awkward Pose
Tillie’s Posestand
VR Foundry
Idiosyncrasy Skins
Anessa Stine
Sasy Scarborough

The amazing performers who graced our stage, often refusing tips and instead donating them to the charity:

Kafka Dinzeo

Alicia Chenaux

Prad Prathivi

Harper Messmer

Rosie Barthelmess

Azu Catteneo

Phemie Alcott

And let’s not forget the awesome models for the fashion show:

Colleen Desmoulins

CodeBastard Redgrave

Bethany Heart

Payton Heron

Anessa Stine

Kafka Dinzeo

Jarl Soderstrom

Fann Hyun

Rosie Barthelmess

Sophia Harlow

Felicity Blumenthal

And our awesome DJ for that show, Elle Kirshner

And our awesome sponsors for the show, Alaska Metropolitan, Rack Brautigan, Surrealia Anatine and Luth Brodie

And finally last, but most definitely not least, the amazing designers who signed up for this year’s Expo.

You are all so generous and amazing with your time and talent.

This is for you, about you, and could not be done without you. Thank you.

Rogan Diesel – Diesel Works

Surrealia Anatine – ANA_Mations

IsabellaGrace Baroque – Olive Juice

Dove Swanson – Long Awkward Pose

Beauvoir Rousselot – Maitreya

Adorkable Peapod – aDorkable Poses

Zelly Mornington – Striking Poses

Luth Brodie – Reel Expression

Claire Dallin – Slash Me Poses

hiro7 Amat – NC Plus

Felicity Overlord – Felicity

Erpla Prieto – Periquita

Bax Coen – Bax Coen Designs

cocoro Lemon – Coco

Ansor Hoorenbeek – Hoorenbeek

Guu Nishi – HOC Industries

Eponymous Trenchmouth – JC’s Jeepers Creepers

Enktan Gully & LeeZu Baxter – Courtisane

JB Gazov – J’s

London Dailey – Cherry (House of London)

Jackal Ennui – Lassitude & Ennui

Ding Fotherington – 50 Flats

Cerberus Noel – G-Field

Artoo Magneto – Akeyo

Eclipse Lykin – ED Eclipse

Babette Ultsch – Kitties Lair

Monicuzza Babenco & Monyka Benelli – Your Skin & Your Shape

Enktan Gully – Enkythings

Bijoux Lefavre – Heart & Sole

Damen Gorilla – Adam ‘n Eve

Kookie Lemon – Kookie

naith Smit & Kianna Noel – NSD

2408 Alekseev – 24 Shoo Shoes

Nardya Rousselot – Nardcotix

Novastar Shilova – Nova

Posy Trudeau – Miau Haus

rei2 Aya – R2

sakka Flow – Sakka’s Studio

Tya Fallingbridge – Pixel Mode

Zippir Kayo – Line

Quinlan Quimby – TOSL

Hays Uriza – Haysuriza

Siddean Munro – SLink

CCTV Giant – Shoe Fly

Marie Lauridsen – Milk Motion

Onyx LeShelle – Maitreya

Annette Voight – Decoy

Emma Gilmour – Surf Co.

Magnifico Miggins – Magnifico Exclusive

machang Pichot – Anexx

Nitestar Albion – Freakshow

Grace Selene & 7ommy Gunes – Sentou Yousei

Rowan Carroll – She’s So Unusual

Marzipan Maladay – Marzipan’s Closet

Maris Kanto – Kalnins

Sissy Pessoa – Baiastice

Kryptonia Paperdoll – Sole Asylum

Sakuradawn Lei & Sven Okonomi – Lazy Places

Indyra Seigo – Indyra’s Originals

nuria Augapfel – N-core

See you next year!

❤ Phoenix Chapman

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