@ The Footwear Expo – Kalnins

I apologize in advance, for any inconvenient spam on feed, but I am as ‘hungry’ and excited about shoes as most of us shoe addicts out there! So, my third choice goes of to Kalnins. This shoe brand is ‘fairly new’ to us. There are no doubts Maris Kanto has THE skills and that is shown on each pair of shoes he makes. Originally known as a men’s shoe store (or so I thought) , Kalnins has grown to delight us all ladies with stunning and irresistable shoes.  However, my love for the oxford-kind of shoes, the quite ‘masculine’ but classic look, made me go head over heels by Kalnin’s Milestone shoes. Ladies, stress not, these are fully scripted (colors, lace and size). Taking in consideration these were first thought to be made for men, it fits perfectly on a ‘skinny’ girly girl like me. I’ve only had to resize them a bit (+++) and lower the prims so the default base wouldn’t show off and I was seriously ready to tap dance all night.  I am in love with them as I am by Mari’s texture skills. Definitely something I’ve wanted to have in my closet, for oh so long! ❤ Uma

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