At the Fair!

Posted On November 21, 2009

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Last year, one of the major requests/criticisms/whatever was the lack of a map.  I didn’t do a map for one very specific reason (besides laziness :P): I wanted people to *have* to walk around and find their favourite stores, and then hopefully in the process, they’d find a store new to them that they absolutely loved.  It worked too; I’ve heard many stories from new designers that got their big jump after the fair.

I still want to have that, but I also understand that you’re busy and you just want a map to find that oh-so-freakin’-amazing pair of boots you saw on the feed.  So I made a map….with a catch.  It’s not a teleport map.  You can figure out where everything is, but you have to walk/fly/run to get there.  And hopefully, you’ll discover the same new-to-me store that I did, with some awesomesauce boots….just sayin’.  Keep your eyes out. 😉

So, this is the current map of the stores participating in the 2009 SL® Footwear Expo!  When you come into the fair, you’ll be landing in the welcome area, which is in the middle, and you can click on the map for a wearable HUD!

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